"My thanks again for your quick fix on my issue this morning, at no charge to me, Quinten you are awesome" ...Michele B.

"Back to the car life! Love my new car!".....Brandon S.

"We bought a 2011 Chevy HHR. Couple of minor issues here and there but overall a good purchase. We will be back again for sure!....Daniel G.

"I just want to say thank you so much, your team at Whitefield is awesome. The way Quinten and his team treated me with not only the purchase of my 03 altima but with the repairs my vehicle required. I am so greatful and will spread the word for everyone to get their cars from White Mountain Auto!!!! ....Linda S.

"You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for working with us to get our family into something bigger! We really appreciate it!" ...Misty

"Quinny u are awesome, we still haveour neon love it"..Kris F.

"So I have bought atleast four cars from White Mtn Auto over the years, Ive only dealt with Quinn Welsh out of Whitefield NH, i believe i was his first customer, i am still to this day driving the Pt Cruiser he sold me on my last sale, always taken excellent care of me if there was a issue concerning any of the vehicles. I will truely reccomend them to anyone. I may be back to talk to him very soon. A+++++" .....Thom R.

"I started buying cars there in 1997-98? When the owner was the only employee have had some issues with some cars quinny was all ways as accommodating as he could be for a minimal cost to me."...Gary V.

"I just bought my third, and best car here today! Great cars, great service, and willing to do whatever it takes to get you into a safe, dependable vehicle." Mike D.

"Got a nice car didn't get to keep it but Whitefield office always held there warranty and more! Enjoy the people of the company" Ben

" white mountain auto ur awesome we are almost paid off on our neon and luv it" Kris F.

"We bought a 2002 Saturn there. Very nice car. This is the 2nd car we bought from them. We have no problems with their cars at all." Thomas C.

"White Mountain Auto cars are the best! I just sold mine privately after four years of ownership, and it was perfect!!!" Michael D.

"Great people to deal with. Addressed all of my concerns on the spot. Had a few minor things after the sale which they were more then happy to fix. Just an overall great experience." Damia L.

"I could not be happier with White Mountain Auto. I have had many cars, but bought my first car I have had to make payments on here, from Quinnie. He has always been extremely helpful, the little things that did go wrong with my car (blinkers, sway bar end links) he fixed for me, no hassle at all. If there is ever an issue I can stop in and have it looked at. Just the other day I got in a car accident, my car was wrecked. I thought I was beyond screwed. Luckily, I went to talk... to Quinnie and he sent me down to talk to the body shop, he said have them take a look at it and he would set me up with a payment plan (i had no insurance on the car) so i went down and talked to Todd at the body shop, and he was so nice, kept reassuring me my car would get fixed and it would be okay, he was extremely helpful and right on top of it! He immediately went and looked at my car, got it right in the body shop and got it finished in two days! When i went to go pick it up it looked better than it did before! These guys saved my life, I would never go anywhere else! They didn't have to help me out in the situation I was in, but they did, and they did it fast! I would recommend White Mountain Auto to everyone!!" Jessica S.

"I highly recommend visiting the Whitefield office. As a repeat customer, the service is amazing". Thom R.

"I have had ALL 3 of my last cars for at least 5 years on 4th now. The youngest car was 3 years old when I bought it from WMA the others a little older. I take good care of them (driving like a normal person and doing the expected maintenance that ANY car needs). I have had no problems. I get to have at least 3 years at a time without a car payment! HOW AWESOME is that!! That gives me plenty of time to save money for the next car" ! Karie B.

"I've had several cars from white mountain auto..it helped my credit score still making payments..they always treated me well...i recommend them all the time.." Jeffrey D.

"I have owned sooo many cars from yu guys since 1996 to today, and you've only gotten better! I love my current car! Mike D.

"I have to say I have bought a few cars from white mountain and never had an issue anytime it needed something they worked with me to fix it but never any major issues with any of the car I bought". Ashley K.

" We got our pontiac grandam from them had it for 6 months no problems this far we also just got a Chevy cobalt today :)...great cars,great service and will work with you...we are very impressed". Danyal B.

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