"I guess I’m lucky. I have had my car almost a year.. and no issues, so glad I got a car that has been reliable for me and my kids. I would definitely purchase again from you guys!"....Megan M.

"Merry Christmas White Mountain Auto and thank you for being a dealership that cares so much about family. You've always been there for ours and we're very greatful"....Tom & Michelle

"I bought a car a few months ago. I am very pleased with the Ford Focus that I bought. I am contacting you today to find out if you have a truck or something similar for sale. I'm interested in buying from this company due to the satisfactory service that I have received. Hope to hear from you soon, Thank you." ....Donna S.

"I have purchased many cars from this place in the past years I have always been treated with dignity and respect. Any issues I ever had were dressed right away and fixed in great time. Something people need to realize is that when you go to a used car dealership those cars might have been treated wonderful or might have been treated terrible... the mechanics nor the dealership have any idea on how these vehicles were treated. This isn't something that they can notice right off the bat especially when it comes to internal motor parts or internal transmission parts. These guys provide a valuable service to people with little or no credit. Everybody should be thankful for them. As far as I'm concerned they blow any other Buy-Here-Pay-Here right out of the water." ....Tom M.

"Loved my car I got there never had any trouble with it"....Rebecca E.

"Every business has a nay sayer in the crowd..I've purchased six cars over many years from white mountains..I have always been treated with respect. Rob in Ashland always deals with us...with a smile! People are very accommodating and helpful. Vicky in finance has always been very courteous and helpful. They are very upfront with costs and terms. I only once had an issue with one car and they did stand behind it just as they promised!"...Leda G.

"Hello, I would like to take this moment and say a big thank you to WMA. I am a 4th-time buyer from Plymouth., bought all from the Ashland operation, you have been sincere and friendly with all my needs and problems. Rob from Ashland has outdone himself again, thanks, and hope to hear from you..." Anthony M.

"Hello Rob, Thank you. We are pleased with the vehicle which we bought from you folks. Best wishes. Edward R.

"I have my second car from there - love it - love white mountain auto" Dana K.

"Just traded in my Saturn I got from them for a sun fire coupe. Very happy. Had the Saturn 14 mos didn't have any probs" Dana K.

"Ok I got me first car from here.. it was a Chevy Corsica! It was awesome! I got a total of five cars from here. My favorite car was the Plymouth breeze.. I had that for 3 1/2 years. There will be good reviews and some bad reviews but you cannot down them until you have try their cars.. I appreciate everything and cars they have done for me! Thanks!" Amanda K.

"Good morning i been buying cars from them for a long time these 2 guys are the most and straight up guys i have ever met i love this new car i have now from them... they treat me right and they are honest with me about my car or any question i have and if something ain't right they will fix it.... and i know other people they have had problems with them but they also never made their payments on time ....you have to make your payments on time just like your rent.....lights heat cable how about those phone's if you don't pay you loss so i would say pay all your bills even the car loan have a great day rob and scott you 2 are the best" Heidi M.

"I bought my car 14 mos ago so very happy with the car and them got a flat they gave me a tire .When I had warning lights come on they made sure it was ok hoping to trade it in this week" Dana H.

"I bought my car 1 year ago there Rob & the guys have been great, very happy with WMA . In about a month I'm looking fwd to their trade in program" Dana K.

"I had a wonderful experience purchasing a vehicle from Robert and Scott. They were both very professional and funny too! Shortly after buying my car, I had a check engine light come on. I called Robert and he scheduled an appointment for me. They took care of the sensor that went bad and the light has not come back on. Never had a problem with the car after that. It did come with one year warranty but I did not have to use it. They also reported all my payments so my credit score went up. When I am in the market for another car, I will be sure to return to them! Highly recommend them for your used car needs." Stephanie O.

"Bought a Durango which was paid off and no problems always fixed it when something went wrong. Had others too with my ex and now I have a PT Cruiser and had no problems th it justthe normal brakes tires oil changes etc. I would recommend them to anyone that has bad credit or just needs something. My credit scoret up by over 40 points by having it. And if for some reason you can't make a payment on time all you do is call andxplain and they will work with you not like these other places that don't care you miss a payment its repoed. Keep up the great work White Mountain Auto! See you in March forother vehicle". Tammy S.

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