Dawn S. - I would like to thank Toby, for following through on helping me get a van. Said he would have something for me b4 the month was up. Yesterday I got my VAN!! Thank you again Toby!! and to Christian for your kind words!!
Ruthie M. 4 star Knowledgeable staff and great service throughout. Paid thoughtful attention to our financial situation and did what they could to put us in a vehicle that was safe and affordable for us. If you need a vehicle and you have less than desirable financial circumstances, White Mountain Auto is definitly the way to go.
Shauna S. 4 star Even though I don't like the type of cars they keep putting me in ( only get put in them BC its what I can afford) I like white mountain auto!! They have worked with me really well!! On car number 2 with them!
Heidi M. 5 star good morning i been buying cars from them for a long time these 2 guys are the most and straight up guys i have ever met i love this new car i have now from them... they treat me right and they are honest with me about my car or any question i have and if something ain't right they will fix it.... and i know other people they have had problems with them but they also never made their payments on time ....you have to make your payments on time just like your rent.....lights heat cable how about those phone's if you don't pay you loss so i would say pay all your bills even the car loan have a great day rob and scott you 2 are the best
Amanda K. 4 star Ok I got me first car from here.. it was a Chevy Corsica! It was awesome! I got a total of five cars from here. My favorite car was the Plymouth breeze.. I had that for 3 1/2 years. There will be good reviews and some bad reviews but you cannot down them until you have try their cars.. I appreciate everything and cars they have done for me! Thanks!
Matt L. 5 star If there is an issue..Its resolved immediately and right!
John R. 5 star This is a great place to do business. The staff is fantastic!
Donovan S. 5 star Awesome dealership! I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a car and get easy financing.
Chris S. 5 star quality dealership.....honest people, highly recommend
Jeremy G. 5 star I work here and we all do the best we can to help people
Everett C. 5 star I sold cars for many years , for some of the big dealers, around the state you guys are very honest